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Dear Conference Delegates and Exhibitors,

It is a great pleasure to warmly welcome you to our 36th ITS Integrator User Group Conference, which will take place in the Platinum Province of South Africa. We eagerly anticipate hosting you in the enchanting Sun City, glistening beneath the African sun and embraced by the majestic and awe-inspiring Pilanesberg mountains.

The ITS Integrator User Group EXCO, alongside some of our users from our diverse membership base, Adapt IT consultants, keynote speakers, and guest speakers, has orchestrated another successful conference featuring a knowledge-packed program for sharing insights.

The 2024 conference theme, "Data-Driven Excellence through Advanced Technologies: Transforming Higher and Further Education for Efficiency and Impact," emphasizes leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven approaches to enhance the efficiency and impact of higher and further education. It underscores the transformative power of technology in shaping educational experiences and outcomes.

As we harness advanced technologies and data-driven approaches, it is crucial to address the challenges associated with the evolving landscape of technology in higher education. Let us strategically plan our role in contributing to the transformation of higher education institutions. The User Group's purpose is to identify and discuss "shortcomings" that can guide us toward best practices within a network of colleagues and experts in the ITS Integrator system usage in higher institutions.

Our program is brimming with engaging and insightful discussions that promise to captivate our users. We eagerly anticipate your active participation in these conversations. As we navigate the era of artificial intelligence, let us explore how best to harness these technologies to elevate our education space, always mindful of the crucial human factor.
We extend a warm invitation for the official welcome on the 4th of March 2024. We hope the conference will be enlightening and fulfilling for you. As you return to your institutions, we encourage you to share the knowledge gained with your colleagues who will not have the opportunity to attend.

Yours Truly

Tebogo Makhambeni
ITSIUG Chairperson


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No matter if you're a seasoned specialist, a young enthusiast, or a pivotal user, your professional journey stands to gain from this collective experience. This is a unique avenue for ITS Integrator System Users to elevate their proficiency and understanding of the system while embracing cutting-edge best practices.

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