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PresenterSessionTopic Synopsis
Te Rina Leonard/ Michael Tompson (Te Kura)17"Optimizing Student Experience: Unveiling the Potential of Data-Driven Approaches in Elevating Student Engagement Satisfaction, and Academic OutcomesTe Kura (Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu) is New Zealand’s largest school with a role approaching 30,000 students (or ākonga). Te Kura is a state-funded distance education provider,  which offers a wide range of personalised learning programmes and courses delivered online from early childhood to years 1-12. Students at other schools can also study with Te Kura in courses that aren’t available at their own school.          Te Kura offers personalised learning for all students, and this begins from the time of enrolment with its new Onboarding platform that Te Kura has developed. The Onboarding platform extends to the ways Te Kura helps students to connect to it systems, including the Laptop and Connectivity programme. This session will share these as well as elements of Te Kura digital strategy and approach.
Richard Mudau (VHEMBE)16TVET MIS SUBMISSION: Tips and Tricks.What an MIS manager must first consider before generating the table files to be loaded into EduKtive application?
• Run TVETMIS-4 Menu to populate information
• Run TVETMIS-1 Menu to maintain export information
• Once the table files are loaded, verify if the number of records under the field Total and Ready field are equal
• Even if the numbers are equal, it does not mean that your tables are free of errors.
• You need to continue to go deeper in order to be sure that all records in each table are clear by cleaning each error picked up……..
Mamiki Mhlabathi (CUT) / Zwelidumile  Mditshwa (WSU) 6CUT, WSU Graduation ImplementationWalter Sisulu University and Central University of Technology, Free State faced challenges in accurately identifying eligible graduation candidates. Both organizations used manual techniques that were time-consuming and prone to multiple errors. Both institutions acknowledged the importance of internal controls and identified major risk components in the manual process.  Some potential graduates may not have been identified, leading to a financial risk in terms of output subsidy. Both universities recognized the need for a systematic approach to ensure data integrity in identifying possible graduates and to simplify the graduation identification processes.   Both University strategies, embrace the automation of business processes to improve efficiency.
Nomsa Shezi (UKZN)32Payment Automation: UKZN Success StoryUKZN required the automation of the paper-based “Yellow form”. One critical component of the form is the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Automating the form was to mitigate financial risks to the University. The main stakeholders stand to benefit from the automation incorporating good financial practices, as prescribed by the Finance Division, and guided by the prevailing policies and good governance processes.          The automated system validates against 3 subsystems which is Payroll, Creditor’s Masterfile, and Students.
Shalini Raman (UKZN)45Appointment of Invigilators, Moderators, Examiner's Using Web Appointments - Self Service 
Vivian Naidoo / Rakesh Misri (Mindup)60Integration of existing systems with Cloud Platforms e.g. Card systems and security platforms  
Dr Ntomzima (WSU)12"Optimizing Student Experience: Unveiling the Potential of Data-Driven Approaches in Elevating Student Engagement Satisfaction, and Academic OutcomesThe student experience stands as a cornerstone of contemporary higher education, exerting profound influence on engagement, happiness, and academic performance. Recognising its pivotal role, academic institutions are continuously seeking avenues for enhancement.                                                                                                                          In driving a transformative shift in institutional performance, data-driven approaches emerge as catalysts for enhanced student experiences. By harnessing the vast reservoir of data within educational settings, these approaches enable targeted efforts for ongoing improvement, personalised educational experiences and informed decision-making processes.                                                                                                                             This presentation serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it underscores the critical importance of the student experience in higher education, elucidating its multifaceted impact on academic performance and institutional reputation. Secondly, it explores the transformative potential of data-driven approaches in bolstering student support services and elevating overall institutional performance, thus paving the way for a future of enriched student experiences and academic excellence.
Sandra Raubenheimer14NorthLink TVET Success Story: Online Applications  
Nicky Fourie (NUST)35Student Debtor and Cashbook API (NUST Success Story) The main purpose of the need for an online student refund process was identified after it was discovered the student refunds were still being handled manually where students needed to fill a form to get their refunds from student debtors.  
The result of this was found in overtime claims, a delay in processing, forms getting lost and increased audit queries. 
Research was conducted and a thorough investigation was launched into the current business process to streamline the process and provide a comprehensive and inclusive online business process with all functionality to best suit the needs of the students and the institution.  
There are three main points to be aware of from this presentation:  
1. NUST do not refund the student the full amount available.  
2. It puts the student in the position to be accountable for his/her own application for refunds. 
3. It streamlines the process and made it better equipped for the institution.  
The results of the above investigation resulted in a better and enhanced business process and audit reports.   
The overall conclusion and recommendations for this development to work 100%, for NUST, included the development needed local software for the deduction of the amount for the student by the finance department.  In finality, it can be said the online student refund process enhances the process of student debtors and is a complement to system functionality. 
Greg Saunders / Ajai Ramji (NMU)48TGP iEnabler - NMU Success StoryThe presentation will cover the approach followed at Nelson Namdela university with respect to TGP, The specification and functionality of the software, the testing and where we are at the current point. 
 68Data visualisation and BI Analytics adoption 
Modiketse Tshehla (NSG)15Data visualisation and BI Analytics adoption 
Pelisa   Mgedezi40UFH Success Story : Auditing and Log File Reporting 
Dr Stephen Akandwanaho22ITS 4.1 Success Story : RGIT Moodle | ITS Integrator API Integration 
Mr Louis Mapatagane23Unleashing the Power of Data for Operational Excellence: Navigating Efficient Data Utilization in Higher EducationIn an era dominated by the unprecedented value of data, our presentation at the 36th User Group Meeting delves into the transformative potential of data for operational excellence within higher education. Titled "Unleashing the Power of Data for Operational Excellence: Navigating Efficient Data Utilization in Higher Education," this discussion ventures into the vital role of advanced technologies and data-driven strategies in advancing the administrative and educational frameworks of higher and further education institutions.                                                   This presentation emphasizes the urgent need for higher education institutions to navigate beyond traditional analytic and technical intelligence toward embracing contextual intelligence. This strategic pivot acknowledges that the challenges facing higher education are no longer confined to internal processes but are significantly influenced by external factors such as politics, the economy, globalization, and environmental issues. The sector has witnessed various disruptions, from the #FeesMustFall movement to the global COVID-19 pandemic, each highlighting the critical need for proactive and anticipatory data utilization strategies.                                                                                                                                                                                          We will explore how these external pressures necessitate a shift in how institutions gather, interpret, and apply data. The future sustainability of higher education hinges on our ability to become contextual—developing systems and collecting data for challenges that have yet to emerge and answering questions yet to be asked. This approach is paramount in an era characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), where external challenges such as economic instability and climate change loom large.                                             Our conversation will also address the direct impacts of these challenges, including the faltering economy's effect on higher education funding and the graduate job market. With a notable shift in private sector support for research and innovation, the presentation will underline the importance of innovative data strategies in navigating these turbulent times.      Join us as we navigate the journey towards operational excellence in higher education through the lens of efficient data utilization. Discover how embracing contextual intelligence can not only prepare us for current challenges but also equip us to proactively shape the future of higher education. Together, we will explore how data-driven excellence through advanced technologies can transform higher and further education for enhanced efficiency, impact, and success.                                                                                                                                                                       
Altonjunior 22Feedback on Design Thinking Sessions: A Student JourneyA feedback session that will delve into the transformative journey of redesigning student registration processes in higher education institutions. Uncover common student pain points, such as process complexity, communication gaps, technical hurdles, accessibility barriers, and limited support availability.
Allie44UFH Payroll Host to HostX
Allie46Employee self-service workflow for review and structure of salary package componentsX
Allie50Salary Components Modeller - Allow employees to structure their own Salary PackageX
Bernard 31Hidden Gems: Discovering Financial BrillianceJoin us for an insightful presentation that delves into the often overlooked, yet powerful functionalities within the financial systems.
This session aims to shed light on these hidden gems, unlocking their potential to enhance financial processes and decision-making.
Bernard 38Strategic Asset Management: Best Practices in Higher EducationThis session will explore the current functionality of our asset management system, outline planned enhancements, and candidly address recognised shortcomings.
David Goodrum57Reconstructing your Organisational RestructureThis presentation delves into the complexities institutions encounter when their existing code structures prove inadequate for accommodating new reporting frameworks.

I will navigate through the common pitfalls and intricacies associated with organizational restructuring. 
Brilliant 30ITS 4.1 Finance System - Multiple your investment!!!X
Brilliant 33Thought Leadership on E-Payment GatewayAre you ready to unlock the future of digital finance? Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of e-payment gateways!
Brilliant   / Bernard41SCM Automation in Partnership with Moonflow.Discover the Future of Procurement: Join Brilliant Tleane, Product Owner for the Finance System on an exclusive session 41 on Procurement Automation! 
Clinton 5ITS Infinity - Applications Enhancements Are you ready to revolutionise your procurement processes and unlock unprecedented efficiency and savings? Take advantage of this chance to learn more about the cutting-edge field of procurement automation!
Danielle 80-82Design the Future: Progression System ITS InfinityIn a dynamic and collaborative progression design thinking session, participants embark on a journey to uncover pain points and identify opportunities for improvement within the realm of progression management. The session aims to bridge the gap between existing products and processes while highlighting best practices to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
Danielle 85-87Design the Future: Graduation ITS InfinityJoin an engaging graduation design thinking session where participants dive deep into the complexities of current graduation management products and processes. Discovering pain points and identifying opportunities for enhancement, this interactive session aims to bridge the gap between existing solutions and the evolving needs of graduation management, emphasizing the enforcement of best practices.
David 58ITS 4.1 Single Sign-On/MFA AuthenticationSecurity goes beyond mere buzzwords. As online fraud escalates exponentially each year, it falls upon us to fortify our systems against potential attacks. Embracing industry best practices like multi-factor authentication (MFA) is crucial. Allow us to showcase our solution and demonstrate how it enhances the safety of your ITS.
Frans43ITS 4.1 HR/Payroll Navigating Compliance, Empowering People!!!X
Frans47Industrial RelationsJoin Frans Pelser as he navigates the complexities of HR management with finesse! He will explore the critical necessity for robust HR Case Management solutions tailored to handle Disciplinaries, Grievances, and Injuries on Duty. Here, you can discover how streamlined processes can empower your institution to effectively manage these essential aspects while enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction.
Frans49Employment Equity planning and ReportingX
Frans51Administering Subsistence and Travel ClaimsX
Frans55HR, Payroll Product OverviewX
Freedom20Advanced Applications and Selections with InfinityX
Johan84Moodle API V3 The latest update to the Moodle API, version 3.0, introduces seamless integration between Moodle's Online Examinations and the ITS Examination System. This session will be a focus on how this integration allows for the automatic updating of marks from online exams in Moodle to the ITS Examination System
Linda4ITS 4.1 Student System Discover the value!!!Come join us as we unveil the remarkable strides achieved in our residence management, further enriching the holistic student experience. These enhancements collectively reflect our commitment to providing a secure, efficient, and user-centric environment, reinforcing our dedication to the continuous improvement of our student system.
Linda18Building Trust: Secure and Efficient VerificationOur commitment to cutting-edge innovation is exemplified through the implementation of a groundbreaking ID Verification System. This session will focus on the UI/UX methodology used in implementing this system. 
Marchand59Navigating the Transition from Java Web Start for Enhanced Application SecurityModern browsers have phased out support for Java Applets due to security concerns.  The only browser  that still allows the plugin is MS Edge in "Internet Explorer (IE) mode. In our Build 88, scheduled for release at the end of March 2024, we will be transitioning from Java Applets to Oracle's Java Web Start (JWS) to run Oracle Forms programs. Come and understand  the impact on your institution and how to prepare for the transition.
Marchand42Feedback on Design Thinking Sessions: FeesWe sought  your feedback last year so that we could develop our course fees roadmap. Visit us to witness our future-focused approach to managing course fees.   
Robyn7Feedback on Design Thinking Sessions: Registrations InsightsIn today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, universities face a myriad of challenges ranging from student retention to resource optimisation. To tackle these challenges effectively, universities are increasingly turning to data analytics and dashboards as powerful tools for informed decision-making. This presentation explores the transformative potential of analytics and dashboards with respect to the registration period. University analytics and dashboards offer unparalleled opportunities for enhancing student success, optimising resources, and improving institutional performance. By embracing data-driven strategies, universities can adapt to the evolving needs of the academic landscape and empower stakeholders to make informed decisions that drive positive outcomes for all.
Robyn75-77Design the Future: Marks Management System ITS Infinity"Transforming University Marks Management: A Design Thinking Workshop" is an interactive session aimed at revolutionising the process of managing student marks within university settings through the application of design thinking principles. This workshop empowers participants to reimagine the marks management system by fostering creativity, empathy, and collaboration. We will be understanding current challenges, defining the problem, and ideation new solutions for the ITS Infinity Marks Management Module.
Shannon65Preparing for Infinity Take OnTo fortify the institution for success and adapt to new initiatives, conducting business analysis stands as a pivotal step in a business readiness assessment. Despite being primarily focused on education, higher learning institutions face rising competition for both students and academic staff. Integrating ITS Infinity requires a thorough examination of academic frameworks, matric subjects, types, and validation systems for academic eligibility. Shannon Naidoo, Solutions Architect for ITS Infinity, will elaborate on this in session 65.

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