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1. Was the Pre- Conference Communication by the organizers leading up to the ITSIUG Conference satisfactory?
2. Was the Pre- Conference Information and Administration satisfactory?
3. Did the overall experience you have had at the Conference meet your expectations?
4. Was your 5-minute allocation enough to introduce your Company?
5. Was your 20-minute Session allocation adequate?
6. Was your Stand Size adequate?
7. Were you satisfied with the Stand Location?
8. Was the Delegate engagement at your Stand to your expectation?
9. Would you consider participation at the 2025 ITSIUG Conference?

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No matter if you're a seasoned specialist, a young enthusiast, or a pivotal user, your professional journey stands to gain from this collective experience. This is a unique avenue for ITS Integrator System Users to elevate their proficiency and understanding of the system while embracing cutting-edge best practices.

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